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Friday March 22, 2013 / 8:00pm (Preview)
Marilyn -- My Secret
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Because I am a diehard Marilyn Monroe fan, I had to see this play. Unfortunately, it was pretty awful. The actors were actually somewhat decent and talented (except for "Bobby Kennedy") but the script they had to work with was hackneyed in addition to being fraught with rumors, speculation, and downright untruths about the real-life Marilyn Monroe. The lead playing MM sadly looked too old (though she was very pretty--just not in her thirties anymore) and her hairstyle didn't even TRY to simulate any hairstyle MM ever had, plus her makeup was too garish and not accurate, either. Though she had some of MM's voice patterns and mannerisms down, she played her way too ditzy and dumb. The actress playing Natasha Lytess/Paula Strasberg did a good job, but because no one cares what those two women looked like, she had an easier job than the actress playing MM. The Bobby Kennedy role was so preposterous that I had to contain myself from bursting into laughter because I didn't want to hurt the feelings of the VERY earnest actors (I was sitting in the front row). It was a combo of a green actor (but a good-looking one) and an unintended campy script that forced me to gaze upon the floor for minutes on end so I wouldn't have eye contact with the actors and start laughing out loud. I endured wooden lines being delivered in a bad Boston accent like, "Mahhreelyn, I'm not like my brutha, Jack" while the poor actress playing MM is simulating fellatio on "Bobby." In a previous scene, another actress "goes down" on MM so the MM character was getting alot of "action" throughout the production! I was mildly entertained because as I stated above, I'm a huge MM fan, but this play was insulting to Monroe's memory. Would I recommend it? Only if you're an MM fanatic as I am. I'm glad I saw it, believe it or not, but I also enjoy a good bit of camp and that's exactly what this was. BUT, the play never answered the title's question - what WAS Marilyn's secret???

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