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Billyelliott 040813
Tuesday April 23, 2013 / 7:30pm
Billy Elliot the Musical
5 tickets
Price A Tier 2 (Rows A-J)

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I have to laugh when some people, (who really shouldn't bother), write so-called "reviews." The one that most amused me about this show, was the lost person who wrote that an "understudy" for Billy had appeared on their night and while he was good, it was assumed the "regular" kid was better! WOW! So sad.... So even IF you knew NOTHING about this play, how difficult is it to read IN THE PROGRAM that they quadruple-cast the role of Billy for this production - so no "understudies" even exist for the role, much less go on! This same person also lamented that the sets moved in and out - like a high school production; even going so far as to say there was only one set. All completely wrong! 1) Stationary sets don't exist in musical theatre. 2) I want to see the HS that could mount this production! Bottomline: That "review" was an embarrassment and deserved a rebuttal so that intelligent theatregoers aren't misled. That review reminds me of Mark Twain's: "Better to say nothing and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." The REAL review is that the show is terrific. I've seen it in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and now here. It never fails to entertain. And unless I miss my guess, that's it's only job. And why people attend live theatre. Some productions of the show offer better individual elements than others, but that's the joy of live theatre. Listen, it's a great show. Talented cast in a great production. What more can you ask? For the record: all the Billys attend "Billy School" before they ever go on, so again, while the producers wisely try to tailor the role to each Billy's strengths where they can, every young actor is absolutely capable of playing the role and hitting the major elements, before they ever appear on stage. Kudos to all involved. I recommend the show without reservation. If you love musical theatre, or just plain good theatre, you can't go wrong with this show - and this production. Enjoy!!