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Zemeckis 050913
Saturday June 1, 2013 / 8:30pm
For the Record: Zemeckis
8 tickets
Regular Seating Special

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I've seen each For The Record version several times...I suppose I'm a groupie. I must say, as pretty as the space is, I've grown tired of the columns and sketchy site lines. Even in the best of seating circumstances, I end up feeling frustrated. In a way, I miss the old intimate space, even if I did need a massage the next day from spinning my head around like the Exorcist to see everything! I humbly (not really) suggest that the actors should never, ever be too low on any of the stages, on the sides or center...even for a tall fella like me, when the actors lie down on the bench (as in Zemeckis) or sit or lie on the mainstage, they just can't be seen by anyone other than the tables directly surrounding them. It may make some choreography/blocking more logistically challenging (or more difficult to make logical, like Castaway stoking that fire), but when the cast goes low, they essentially disappear for the majority of the audience. This past Saturday my friends and I had purchased Goldstar Regular Seating tix, and arrived extra early to get good seating. Unfortunately, the whole place was booked solid, even though almost no one was there. It seems the newish ticketing allows regular price patrons to book individual seats...and on a busy night, the best seats are indeed booked! Bear that in mind with Goldstar purchasing. It was a bummer, but alas, we paid Goldstar prices...and the gent working the door was apologetic and nice about it all. But I gotta say: the back booths to the left of the stage (from the stage POV) are Partial View, no matter what they're labeled. One friend who isn't very tall saw almost nothing of the show. Literally, almost nothing. She spent her time looking up the movie images while the songs were performed. Even with these gripes, For The Record is a really solid (sometimes great) entertainment choice for LA. The talent is usually stellar, though I think Anderson Davis should star in every show. Von Smith may be a show-off, but when you're that ridiculously talented, it's wise to show off at every opportunity! And dang, it's always a good looking cast. Service has always been hit-or-miss (one night we got a guy who was a tad too sassy for his britches), and we find ourselves invariably looking around for our servers several times a night for something (this includes pre- and post-performance), but they're all pretty darn good looking and usually pretty nice, which makes up for a lot.

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Note that with the full-price booking changes, most of the best tables/seats will already be reserved, especially on a busy weekend night. Arriving early with Goldstar tix does not necessarily increase the odds of better seating, as it once did, when seating was somewhat first-come-first-seated for all.
From experience, purchasing Premium or Regular (maybe even P-V) seating seems to make no real qualitative difference in seating anymore.