Ondrea Tye’s Event Journal

Troubie2 midsummer 042313
Saturday July 13, 2013 / 2:00pm
A Midsummer Saturday Night's Fever Dream
2 tickets
Section B Special

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If you like your plays to be nothing but stream-of-consciousness, run-on, back to back, unending, pins-in the eyes_ 'why is God so mad at me to torture me so?’ nonsensical lines...then this is your play. If you, in a twisted, dysfunctional way, enjoy the fact the playwright wanted the actors to display an odd ability to talk in a steady stream of dribble, as if their mouths' had Montezuma's revenge, as we, the audience, hope very much not catch *whatever* it is they have, then yes, you’ll enjoy this play. As the play stupidly springs forth eternal, you’ll be tortured with lame-o penis jokes and references about their audience and La Mirada over and over again. (I bet they thought "woo hoo! how original, no one has ever thought of *that!!!!*). Based on the depth of the script, which is to say, it's as deep as an one celled amoeba ... it's not remotely funny, (unless I was on 'shrooms... and, why didn’t you tell the audience it was necessary?!)The IQ necessary to enjoy this play should reach no higher than 65, because if it’s higher, your head will explode from the sheer lameness of their sexual innuendo jokes which appears they think is downright funny in the same vein that my dog enjoys going in circles chasing his tail. If it wasn't written by a pimply-faced teenager hoping for the easy 'A' in his drama class (he probably wrote this while sitting on the can and figured there’s one born every second) then this playwright must have demonstrable dimwitted perceptions, and he should posthaste dig a hole, crawl in, and slide a mossy rock over himself so that he will never torture theater goers again. By the way, were the actors trying to win a bet on who can overact the most? And who made those cheap-looking schlocky, polyester costumes? Were they leftovers from a cross-dressing, transvestite cabaret show? Inquiring minds want to know.