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Magnificent 7 male revue 920
Saturday May 25, 2013 / 8:00pm
Magnificent 7 Male Revue
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Overall, a fun, silly, good time. The show isn't nearly as tight or rehearsed as a Chippendales or Thunder, probably because this is only a monthly gig. Most of the guys' moves were pretty basic and I didn't sense a lot of real choreography going on. I preferred the Fireman, who clearly loves to entertain; we all agreed that the General Hospital guy was very hot, if not the most polished of dancers. The B-Boy was a great dancer, and it was good to see some real dancing skill on the stage. The cheesy aspects are part of the goofy fun...the cowboy dance, or Dr. Thirsty, for instance. I wish the guys were a bit more careful with the women they bring onstage...more than one dancer kinda left the gal stranded while he got lost in his moves, or he'd exit without helping her offstage (the former Chippendale handled his onstage guest the best). There was a fantastic, Cirque-like number at the end that sorta made most of the dancers look pretty...uncoordinated. Though the VIP couch area is comfortable, unless you plan to arrive early, be wary of this area because it goes deep toward the back along the sides of the theatre (not the stage, as it says), so if you're not early enough, you'll be in a back booth/couch. The dancers don't do much crowd-surfing, so it's a distance from the stage...and as the couches are on mostly one level, it's also likely you'll have to stand or strain to see over the heads in front of you. This happened to us. The center area offers closer seating than most of the VIP booths, and though it's just basic, make-shift seating, I wondered if it wasn't a better value for the view and proximity to the action. Beyond that, there was a somewhat embarrassing moment when we were directed to our seating area, sat in an available booth at the front, then were asked to move because the booth was evidently reserved...though there was nothing to indicate that. I said as much, and the fellow offered to bring our three gals up on the stage to make up for the incident...and he never did fulfill that promise. I would have spoken up, but our girls didn't care enough to make a fuss. (Also, by the time we were asked to leave the front booth, all the other booths had filled and we were stuck far back.)

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Arrive early...the VIP couches go far back, and the front ones fill early.
Center/front seating is a good value...closer to the dancers and all the action/energy.