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Mexico 051713
Friday July 12, 2013 / 8:30pm
Mexico Mis Raices (My Roots)
2 tickets
Tier 3 (Row L-X)

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Loved the show! Phenomenal dancing and choreography. Spectacular costumes! The crowd really got in to the show. There was a lot of tequila and beer being drunk but no one got out of hand. The show is terrific for all ages. I could deduct a star for the staff at the Ford but I don't want to penalize the show's rating because of things beyond their control. This is the second Ford Amphitheatre event I have attended this summer. Both times, the staff was ill-informed and seemed inadequately trained. First, a staffer walked around at 7:50 hitting the chimes and telling picnic'ers that the show was starting in ten minutes. We told her the show was advertised as starting at 8:30, not 8. She went back to the office to check and then had to retrace her steps to tell the crowd the show was NOT starting in ten minutes but in forty minutes. Oops. Next, the usher took us to our seats in Row V. But he then told us we should go around to the other aisle to enter the row. We asked why. Yes, there were four people sitting in the first four seats on our side. (We had the two seats next to them.) But why was he telling us to walk back up the aisle, across the back, down the other aisle, crawl over SIX people at that end, plus a couple of empty seats, in order to get to our seats?? He just looked at us funny. He walked away and we entered our row and sat down. We watched other ushers giving the same weird instructions to other patrons. ??? A bit later, another usher came along and asked to see our tickets, which we showed her. She then informed us that we were in the wrong row. That we were supposed to be one row down. We asked, "Isn't this Row V?" (We knew it was.) She looked confused and kept insisting we were in the wrong row. We said we didn't mind moving closer but that we were sure we were in the correct row. She walked to the aisle and looked at the letter on the end of the aisle. She looked even more confused. (We WERE in Row V. The correct row and seats for our tickets.) She spoke to the people waiting and then came back to us and said, "It's okay. They said they don't mind sitting in these seats" (meaning the ones in front of us in Row U). We looked at the usher and said, "Okay, so we'll just stay here in our ASSIGNED seats." Sheesh. And it wasn't dark yet so she can't claim it was too dark to distinguish between U and V. After the show, we headed to the third level shuttle pick up, but a staffer blocked us and ordered us to go down about fifteen steps and then come back up another fifteen on the other side of the snack shack. They want to funnel all the shuttle traffic in one line. Okay, this makes sense. Except for two things. First, the shuttle drivers are very explicit when they tell the passengers to exit the theatre on the THIRD level to go to the shuttle pick up. If they wanted us to go to the line at the bottom of those stairs, they should tell everyone to exit the theatre on the SECOND level. And second, while they are forcing people to make this useless descent and ascent up the other stairs and wait in that line, these same Ford staffers allow countless people to walk straight through on the third level and cut in front of all the people who followed the staffers orders going down, then up the stairs and waiting in line. WTH?! These are not disabled or elderly people. It seems that the staffers just give up after awhile. Either let everyone walk straight through or put a gate across and don't let anyone through. Pick ONE. All of these things happened both nights that I attended the Ford this summer. The second night was on July 12th. The staffers certainly should have been trained and familiar with everything by then. Too many patrons arrived late. What is up with that? The show didn't even start until 8:30. Can't you get there on time? Arriving late disturbs other theatre-goers and blocks our view while you get to your seats. If you are close enough to the stage, your late arrival can distract the performers. Plan ahead for parking and traffic and arrive EARLY!! Another note to attendees: Flash photography is NOT allowed. That means you can take a picture, but you can't use a flash. It is distracting to the performers and the rest of the audience. Please have some respect. Also, be aware that when you hold up your phone to video the performance, you are blocking someone's view behind you. So please keep that to a minimum. But the show itself is great. I plan on seeing it if it returns next year. In spite of the poorly trained Ford staff.

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