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Black watch 920
Friday June 14, 2013 / 8:00pm
Black Watch
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I kept waiting for it to become poignant. It never made it. Campbell was good. He almost convinced me he could have been in the military... almost. The others, to varying degrees, not so much. Nothing in their stance and demeanor reminded me of the fighting men I have known. The drills were not quite military, the fight scenes were unconvincing and, as dances, were clumsy. There was little build up of tension. I did not feel like I was taken on much of a journey, even though I was fairly well entertained. There wasn't enough tension and pay off to mark this as an excellent play. So, for a production that tried very hard, but just missed, what was it that missed? Well, for starters, it was hard to get past the fact that they were filming porn upstairs. Sure, I didn't see any of it, but the play was in Peter's porn palace, and it was hard to get past that fact. The sharps containers in the bathroom, as well as the enemas certainly were a help to remind me where I was. But judging just from the play itself, from the start, I had a hard time with the characterizations, rather than the character development. Campbell was a character, the rest were characterizations. And not convincing as soldiers. The drills were not tight, the dancing was really bad, the fight scenes less than convincing. I did like, though, the multimedia aspect. And I thought that the IED scene was well done. The horror of war was almost evident in that staging. The letter scene... what was that about? Can any one tell me? As for those who think that there shouldn't have been so much swearing and obscene gestures... seriously? This is not a show to take children to. If you are in doubt, please note the location of the venue itself. (Did you get a chance to explain to your children why there are sharps containers in the women's restroom?) But still, I am glad I went. The discussion that came from the play was well worth the money. There are no great plays about the Gulf War or the current fiasco we are in. This one was somewhat entertaining, but flat and never making it to that poignant state. This was worth the money, but not among the more memorable plays I have seen.

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