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Vineyard 061313
Sunday July 21, 2013 / 10:00am
Temecula Winery & Vineyard Tour
2 tickets
Winery Tour

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I would NOT recommend buying any events or services that are provided by "5 STAR TOURS" through Goldstar or any other website that uses 5 STAR TOURS. I bought 2 separate tours from Goldstar that were to be fulfilled by 5 STAR TOURS & the first brewery tour wasn't scheduled properly by the 5 STAR TOUR worker, so we couldn't go on that tour...which might have been the best thing for us because we actually did attend the WINERY TOUR and here is the review on that one... First off because of the scheduling disaster I personally confirmed time & location for pick up 2 days before the event. The day before the event I got 3 separate phone calls with different pick up times and different locations. It was not until 10:30pm that the manager of 5 STAR TOUR, Alfonzo texted me to confirm the time & location. When my friend & I got to the location, there were 3 other people standing around looking confused to what exactly to do. Atala was our 5 STAR TOUR driver. I had given our vouchers to Alfonzo when I was there 2 days prior, so I asked her if she had them because I printed another set just to make sure. She didn't but she said "If you are here then you must be going on the trip" (ok nice to know if I wanna crash a tour). Anyways, there was only 5 of us, so we took one of those generic white 15 passenger vans. No big deal I'm thinking because we got the tickets at a good discount. But this passenger van was so ragged, I took pics on my phone of all the broken covers, knobs, holes in the floors and seats, I wish there was a place to upload pics! I am still trying to stay optimistic, but it is not starting out too well. The first stop was LEONESS winery. We were suppose to do a tasting & winery tour here. When we got here they didn't have us scheduled for a tour, so we stayed there for an hour, did our tastings and then was told we were going to drive to another winery for lunch & then come back to LEONESS for our tour in an hour. We go to stop #2, MOUNT PALOMAR. Here were were suppose to have a "gourmet" lunch sandwich & salad. Well we get there & they don't have reservations for us either. We had filled out sandwich choice requests before we even left San Diego & 2 1/2/ hrs later we don't have the sandwiches or salads. Our driver Atala had to talk to them for about 20 mins to get our food orders complete, then what happens??? We get our sandwiches packed up in to go plastic & bagged up. They didn't allow us to sit in the restaurant area or use plates or silverware. We had boxed lunches with plastic ware. BRIGHT SPOT: everyone loved their sandwiches. It took us 15 mins to get waters, also in to go cups. And there were NO TASTINGS at this locations, so we left a beautiful winery with a restaurant there to drive to another winery to eat box lunches to rush back to the first winery to make the rescheduled tour. Well we made it back to the 1st winery LEONESS did a GREAT tour with Erica!!!! Another plus was because 5 STAR TOUR messed up our original tour & tasting, we ended up getting 2 tastings at this winery, although mostly same wines we sampled already. LEONESS great winery & GREAT our guide Erica! The next tasting stop was PONTE, surprisingly there was no problems at this winery, but since we did not get 3 tastings at 3 wineries, I said we should get another tasting at another winery. Since it was Sunday & 4pm locations were limited. I took it upon myself to find a winery that was open late. Our final stop was THORTON winery. There were no issues there. We made it home safely & without incident. My friend actually left his phone in the van & I immediately called Atala & we caught her a block away. So after all that was said: PRO's of this trip: It was half the price of a "REGULAR" tour. roughly $80 per person for 5 tastings @ LEONESS, sandwich & salad @ MOUNT PALOMAR, tour & 4 tastings back @ LEONESS, 6 tastings & awesome fried pita chips @ PONTE, then 5 tastings @ THORNTON...that is good for your money. CON'S of this trip: disorganization, lack of planning & subpar vehicle transportation Bottom line: you get what you pay for, you want to pay HALF price for a tour, be expected to receive HALF quality if you use 5 STAR TOURS

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Make sure you call in advance to confirm your reservations. Especially if you schedule with 5 STAR TOUR employee named Chris, they all know he is bad, admitted it & said "this is why we don't like him to schedule things".