Kristi’s Event Journal

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Thursday, Jul. 4, 2013 / 6:00pm (Boarding Begins at 5:15pm)
Independence Day Fireworks Party Cruise
2 tickets
General Admission

How was your experience?

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The WORST possible cruise ever. They didn't have the boat....made 400 people wait in line for over 3 hours in 100 degree+ temps. No one ever gave any updates or information....the staff could not care less. They finially brought the boat, docked it in the wrong place and made everyone walk around the building to a different dock, so the people at the front of the line were now at the back. Then they had the audacity to The "fireworks" cruise on the Hudson was so late the coast guard didn't allow us to leave the dock. So we had no view of the fireworks, were stuck on a boat that was still docked, and about 100 degrees. The food was absolutely disgusting, the DJ was a jersey shore castoff with a penchant for ghetto hip hop and hearing the sound of his own voice nonstop on the mic. They RAN OUT OF BEER less than 30 minutes on board (we all paid $75 for a 3 hour open bar) and ran out of vodka shortly after. After this nightmare proved too much for us to take, and after taking 3 hours to get ON the boat, we wanted to leave and the bouncers (??) told us we were not allowed!!! The ship also had a door that was swinging open to NOTHING- just 30 feet down to the water, so anyone could have fallen out...there was no one guarding it or warning sign. The number of health department violations is too numerous to mention. The staff was horrendous and didn't care one bit to even be friendly or apologetic in any way. This was by far the biggest letdown on every employee/manager/captain/cruise director's part. NO excuse for these things to have gotten so out of hand and not even be offered a refund since we didn't receive what we purchased. I hope they go out of business, it's a miracle they are in business at all.