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Betrayal 061013
Friday July 5, 2013 / 8:00pm
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5/9's of this show is highly involving, due to the presence of the actor playing robert, who proves that fine, true acting often comes down to doing 'nothing.' while the two other principals are indicating all of their angst -- furrowed brows, repeated forehead rubbing, deep sighs, all suggesting a certain cartoonish milleau -- robert just goes about doing his job, letting the weight of the words speak for themselves and knowing from where, deep in the character, they come. funny thing: pinter makes artful use of pauses, and they are all observed here, but in the scenes with jerry and emma they are filled with all sorts of the above-noted gestures, so the weight of the pause is diminished. the audience doesn't get the opportunity to feel the discomfort in the pause because the actors are trying so hard to show you how to feel. so one is watching and thinking, 'ok, i bet jerry does the forehead thing here...yep! he did it...oh, and here emma will look up at the ceiling away from jerry and sigh...sure enough, she did it.' a pinter pause is the silence of speech as much as stillness of body. the gesticulating also tells you that these people are not really brits for they do not express themselves in this way. only americans in sitcoms do this sort of thing. there is also a not-really-brit give away in the way the 'o' is pronounced in words such as 'not,' 'hospital,' 'impossible' and 'probably.' very american sounding. small things, but telling. be patient: robert will appear just when you need him.