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Friday July 12, 2013 / 8:00pm
The Little Dog Laughed
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Good show. A witty script, filled with very real characters (seemingly Hollywood stereotypes, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason), brought to life effectively by the whole cast. Some clever dialogue and some touching emotional moments as well. The ending may be a little too typical, and predictable in some ways considering the Hollywood types and the situations being portrayed, and I wasn't sure I believed what happened between the agent and Alex at the end, but still a pretty solid show. The actors all gave pretty solid performances: natural and committed. There were a few very brief moments of the tongue tripping on dialogue on the part of the actor playing the agent, but she was good otherwise, and imbued her role with the energy it called for and delivered her biting and humorous lines with relish. The actor playing Mitchell was likewise solid and very believable, and played drunkenness well, and not in a stereotypical, or overly comic manner, which is more difficult than some may suppose. The actor playing Alex was very natural in his role, and only lacked a little when it came to some of the heartbreaking scenes near the end. It would have been nice to see a little more of him trying to hold back the intense emotion that must have been building inside Alex at that time; he sometimes held it back a little too well, and the struggle wasn't apparent. The actor who played the "party girl" also did a nice job, in both playing that persona, and also showing the fragile girl behind that facade. The scene where she shares some surprising news with Alex was one of the most genuinely real and moving moments in the show as both actors acquitted themselves very well in this scene. . The script is full of some clever bits and great lines and only falls down a little at the end, when the agent's machinations seem a little too predictable, and in another way, not quite believable (that's about all I can say without giving anything away). The scenic design was well done, though the plastic on the stylized cityscape (I assume that's what it was representing) in the background could have been tightened in a few places as the wrinkles made it look a little shoddier than it could have. A nice lighting touch would have been to shine a little light through that cityscape, but otherwise the lighting was fine: fairly simple and well done. The sound was much the same and, while I'm unaware whether it was in the script each time it appeared or not, the use of the theme from a classic film was clever and very effective each time it was used. This show would appeal to a fairly wide audience I would think, and it kept me actively engaged and entertained throughout.