Gabwag’s Event Journal

Rockers 041213
Sunday July 14, 2013 / 7:00pm
2 tickets
Upper Side Section

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This show was a let down. Not the performers faults. They all had great voices and you could tell they were all trying their darndest to make this show work but it just doesn't. The book was really not good. The director really could have helped with that, but didn't. The actors were left flailing with no dramatic tension or props or environment or real relationship with each other. Every song was pretty much just sung facing out to the audience and there was little or no connection with each song to the book. Rule #1 is don't tell us in song if you've already told us in dialogue and vice versa. And this show did both. Opening and closing numbers should have been exciting and they were snoozy. The big dramatic moment (which never was going to be dramatic b/c the story just wasn't there but even so...) where the 2 main guys are meeting for a big brawl about their "differences" which frankly, no one bought, they show up, have a nice little chat, a handshake and... Finale???? They each came to the showdown with wrenches that they clearly flashed to us to make sure we KNEW there was "danger" coming b/c they had wrenches to fight with woo woo, but they barely even got taken out before they "made up" and shook hands. Wow, what a showdown. I was so scared. No. I'm amazed at the amount of money that was put into this production when clearly it need MUCH in the way of development and dramaturgy and story. If this was a staged reading of a first draft, I'd maybe say, okay, has potential, needs a lot of work. But for this to be a fully realized production at the level that it was, I'm just not sure what anyone on the creative team was thinking. B/c word of mouth definitely wasn't going to help them. Sorry. I hate to bash anyone's creative endeavor, as all should be applauded for even getting to the stage they were at, but I would have to say... flop. Sorry.