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Open house
Sunday August 4, 2013 / 7:00pm
Open House
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What an awkward play. First off, there are about 20 scenes in the first 10 minutes to kind of imply the passage of time. Instead of being effective, it comes off as very amateurish. During this time, the male lead made me cringe, not because he was a desperate soul but because these scenes were awkwardly acted. The male is good but needs to convey even more so that he is a desperate man at the end of his rope. The female lead I thought was very weak. The scene where she talks about her daughter dying was not believable. I don't think the actress believed it so how could I? Her resume was so amazing, I guess I was expected a lot more from her. I'm not sure why she made the choices she made but I felt they were sometimes wrong. She needs to slow down and make eye contact. I think that is where her strength lies. The character seems scattered and a little crazy. Who is this person? When the big reveal comes about the male character, I felt his character or maybe the actor just piddled out. There was no moment you see anything in him: disgrace, relief or maybe even smugness. There was nothing. To build this crescendo, of sorts, and then see nothing from him was a letdown. Also, the play seems like it was written a long time ago. Characters refer to getting paged and having to answer their cell phones to see who was calling, rather than just looking at the phone. Very awkward through and through.