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Saturday August 24, 2013 / 2:30pm
The King And I
4 tickets
General Admission

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I try to write a review for each GS event we go to, and typically go to the middle of the run so I can read other's reviews, and have mine help others. In this case we went at the end so my review won't help anyone else. This was our second time at the Attic. We went a few months ago to a non musical You Can't Take it With You, and enjoyed it so much we came back. This was enjoyable as well, just not the same level of perfection. We thoroughly enjoyed the story and the fun. The program had at least 2 names listed for each character, and some had more, so we did not know which cast we had, and thus I cannot refer to a specific person. My review is based on the Sat 24 matinee show, and after reading some of the other reviews, wonder how much our experience would have been different if we had seen the 'other' cast. The child characters were a hit with everyone, which is typical. Their natural behavior in this situation was perfect. Anna was perfection in her part although some of her songs were difficult to hear without amplification. The King was very believable and entertaining in his acting. I especially loved the dance lesson. Well Done. The 'boyfriend' is the one who gave me that "this is what I expected' smile when he started to sing. Amazing voice. The 'wives' were all fairly weak, especially wife 1. Her acting was fine but she sounded like she lacked public singing experience and seemed very nervous. Tough to play such an important role without experience. It bothered me that they didn't all have dark hair. Silly thing, but distracting...The 'gift gal/girlfriend' had a nice voice. I enjoyed the uncle Toms play more than I did in the movie (too long) and the characters did a perfect job. Louis was adorable, whoever played him. Kind if like orphan Annie....always smiling and it was very contagious. Other characters were fine. Set was minimal but it worked. Costumes were magnificent (Anna's) to almost improvise (wives). Like another reviewer of an early show wrote, there was an unexpected (unknown) delay, so we also started very late. (as did our previous show at Attic). Intermission was extremely long, but with 1 small bathroom and an older audience, that will slow things down. Breaks between scenes were long. We to, were at the theater far longer than we expected. A VERY long show. We enjoyed it, but the audience should be made aware of the length if it has a long running time. 3 hours 2:30-5:30ish. It is a good thing the seats are so comfortable. This was a major undertaking for length, costumes, age range with so many children... much more than a play with 7 or so adults in the cast. The grown kids with us don't go to theater like we do (all the time) and enjoyed it very much. Son in law didn't know the difference- he just got mesmerized by the littlest children so was happy. (theirs was being babysat by the other grandma). We will continue to support the Attic and consider it a lucky find. We just expected the perfection of the last show we saw and were only very slightly disappointed. As far as GSE, keep up the good work. Drop your fees some and I will be 100% happy like I used to be before they were raised.