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Greeks 6 – Trojans 5

Sunday August 11, 2013 / 3:00pm
Whitefire Theatre - Sherman Oaks, CA
2 ticketsGeneral Admission Special
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Greeks 6 - Trojans 5 - audience "0". I have been to a lot of plays and some not to my preference but this play is absolutely the worst. The actors tried their best but it is terribly written and nothing can be done about that. This would be a bad play if it were done by a grammar school. The play is just very corny and over acted by all of the cast. The comedy is the cast members trying to sing when there are no real singers in the play. I also guess that the costumes that the actors wore was also the part that was supposed to be part of the comedy. There is an unannounced intermission in the play (not noted in the program) that half of the audience took advantage of and "rushed out" and did not return for the second half. The play took about two long hours and it seemed a lot longer. I am saying not to waste your money or time with this play. I don't know if any of the people that left will warn you but for sure the people that endured the second long half will.
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Went on a Sunday and street parking is free.