Ziggy Cannonball’s Event Journal

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Tuesday August 13, 2013 / 8:00pm
The Monkees
2 tickets

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We had a great time at the concert. Thanks to Red Velvet, we had seats right in the center of the 18th row! Not bad at all. The sound mix was a bit muddy; that's a venue issue. Folks were standing half the time; that's a crowd issue that, frankly, is nothing to pout about.... we all pay for our tickets, and as long as we're not physically hurting the folks around us, then we're OK, right? So there was no issue with shouting for folks to "Sit down!" or anything like that. I read in another post that there was no tribute to Davy Jones. Well, actually there was. It was low key. One tribute to Davy was the footage of Daddy's Song from the film, "Head." that ran unaccompanied; the band left the stage and just showed the video by itself. Another tribute was the song, "Daydream Believer," where the Monkees said that they wanted to do the song, but since Davy is no longer with us, they were trying to find a way to do it tastefully. So they decided to call an audience member on stage to sing it. This was one of the most touching tributes they could have done. And the guy, his name is Jim, actually sang it right and on key! Overall, in spite of a female audience member who was directly in the row behind us screaming and hollering in our ears throughout the entire show (again...we all paid for our tickets, etc.)...we had a really good time. There was plenty of video footage. They were running videos from the TV show (more or less in sync with the LIVE band) as the band performed. One of the best things about seeing the show in Long Beach is that the signage directing traffic to the venue was really visible and easy to follow. And there was plenty of parking. A major plus over other areas, like, say, Los Angeles.