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Saturday August 10, 2013 / 10:00pm
Comedian Tommy Davidson
2 tickets
General Admission (Center and Side)

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Being very familiar with comedy clubs (my husband and I have visited dozens of them in our travels across the country, dating back to the 80s) and the way they handle service and checks, and having a bad back, thanks to a couple of car accidents, we arrived roughly an hour before the performance in order to be polite/have plenty of time to go through their seating/ordering procedures/not feel like we were rushed. We found a great handicapped parking space right next to the elevator downstairs, and the walk from the elevator to the club was really short, too. So far so good! Then we walked in, and our evening took a decided downturn. Upon presenting our tickets at the front desk for the comedy show, we were shown the way to put ourselves into this nasty little intertwined cattle line that already had a hundred+ other people in it. The line was in the middle of a hard dance floor, with people all partying around us ... and we stood there for the next frickin HOUR! ... only moving forward by a couple of people every five to ten minutes. After the first forty minutes or so of it, I left my husband behind in line and went over to one of the guys who was standing around looking like he was security over our group, to ask how much longer we were going to have to stand there ... because I was having a real hard time doing it with my bad back. He basically said "I don't know" ... and "you just have to wait in line." As if that didn't make our experience miserable enough, when we finally decided after another twenty minutes (since the line in front of of was STILL--at the pace they were seating people--easily another hour long) to get out of the cattle pens and go see if we could find someone else who could help--because I could barely put one foot in front of the other at that point, and had serious doubts that I was even going to be able to make it back to my car after that--and the girl at the front counter basically said "we have to sit people one party at a time because that's how *we* do our checks"....and that there was no provision for anyone with any sort of disabilities in their procedures. Needless to say, we left without seeing the show we'd paid roughly $50 for ... with a REALLY bad taste in our mouths for Parlor Live and how they do business. We will NEVER waste our money with them again!

Help others enjoy a great night out

If you have disabilities that prevent you from being able to stand for long periods ... do NOT waste your money on this place! There are lots of other places in the area who host comedy shows, too ... who don't treat their customers that way!