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Lily tomlin 920
Saturday September 7, 2013 / 7:30pm
An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin
2 tickets
Lower Balcony Special

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Lily Tomlin was great. GOLDSTAR are fricking idiots. We were told to go to Call Waiting for our tickets (line poorly marked, poorly laid out - can the Schnitz really not know how to distribute tickets we wondered), but the the goldstar ticket lady had decided (?!?!?!) to go out to the street and distribute tickets to folk she found in line out there. We got to the front of the line and 'sorry, no goldstar. She's outside. She'll be back soon' She wasn't. More than a dozen people like us who had already waited in line were jammed up on the side waiting for the ticket lady to return. THE MOST INCOMPETENT ticket debacle i've had in years - at a top tier venue no less. I don't know if it was an inexperienced volunteer handing out tickets, or no direction from the stage manager, or no support from Goldstar, but it really ruined a promising evening. Not interested in using goldstar if you can't give me my ticket when i arrive to pick it up. Double ARGGH with sauce.

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Avoid goldstar until they figure out how to handle actually human people.