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Great comet 920
Sunday August 25, 2013 / 1:00pm
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
1 ticket
Host-Escorted Seating

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I went to the 1pm show on 8/25. The tall hostess in the tan dress and high heels downgraded me upon seating from a prime floor seat which I was assigned at the door, downgraded to the worst seat way in the back because I was by myself. My table did not have a show program, which I thought wouldn't matter, but the show is all singing and was hard to follow without the program. You get the impression that more food isn't coming and if you want any you should order of the additional ala carte menu which is unnecessary since you get plenty of food. I told the waitress I didnt want anything extra right now (I had not even read the whole menu yet) and she gave me a dirty look then reached inbetween the table to snatch the menu off the seat next to me. I had something on top of it which fell on the floor - it was rude of her, she should ask me to hand it to her and not snatch it. The set design and actors were both great. As I said I had a hard time following the show, as I was far away with no program, and so I was bored by the time intermission and the promised 'Dinner' came. Intermission came, at which time everyone rushes for the port-a-potties. The venue is a pop-up tent, so the bathrooms are also portable. There are not enough bathrooms for the # of people, so the lines were huge. By the time I get back to my table, I see the servers have given every table but mine these white egg shaped rattles. The rattles were to make noise along with the songs of the show. You could clearly see my table had been occupied and there was no reason to not give me an egg rattle also. I asked the first server who came by to bring me one. That server basically ignored me then disappeared. The tall hostess with long hair in the tan dress and high heels (the one who downgraded me) came around to ask if anyone needed anything. I asked her to bring me one of the egg rattles. The hostess told me NO, I cannot have one, it is "Not for this table". Because she is too lazy to bother to get me one she tells me they don't put them on every table. Well I looked and the 20 tables in my sight ALL had them. By now I was pissed off, more at the crappy service than anything. In the meantime, "dinner" was delivered which consisted of scrambled eggs ("fritatta") and raw salmon. That is breakfast, not dinner, and if that's what they eat in Russia then I am never visiting Russia. So anyway I got up and asked a man who looked like he was in charge, (a non-server production person) to please get me one of the egg rattles because by this time I was not putting up with being told I am basically entitled to only lesser crappy service. So this man then sends someone over with scrambled eggs. I did not ask for scrambled eggs, I asked for the egg RATTLE. NOW the person with the scrambled eggs proceeds to tell me I can't have any scrambled eggs because they are a 2 person item and I am only 1 person. So I tell this server I already have scrambled eggs, and they took off before I could even tell them I had asked for something else. Now the second part of the show starts and I just did not want to be there anymore. I got up while the show was in session and left. I would not recommend the show to anyone, the service is absolute SH*T and the show is hard to follow. It might be a good show if they hired servers who actually know how to treat people but I think a theatre company trying to do dinner is biting off more than they can chew.

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Do not let the hostess downgrade your seat.
The bathrooms are overcrowded portapotties