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Take Me to the Vino

Saturday October 12, 2013 / 10:00am (The Great Grape Stomp Party)
Hudson Valley Wine Region (New York, NY)
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Me and 6 other friends decided to do the Take Me to the Vino tour for my birthday. The actual tour was very nice and we had a good time wine tasting and going to the farm. The actual bus although fun in the beginning was a left a lot to be desired towards the end. We were sitting towards the back and felt neglected in the activities the bus was having. Although there wasn't suppose to be drinking some girls (not from my group) were drinking and although they were informed to stop they continued w/o the knowledge of the drivers. While there were a lot of fun activities on the bus it leaves a lot to be desired if you're not included. So off the bus the girls and I had a lot of fun but on the bus sit in the front if you want to be included or if you come alone.
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