Charlene Lobo’s Event Journal

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Tuesday September 17, 2013 / 7:30pm
The Wizard of Oz
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Price Level 2

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The costumes were INCREDIBLE! Glenda’s dress was beautiful and the monkeys were super scary. All of the favorite songs were included and the original scores fit in nicely. Toto was a real dog who, according to the playbook, even has his own understudy. Dorothy was good, but not great, with her singing much better than her acting. The Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion were spot on with their performances (i.e the way they talked, walked, etc.) and had great singing voices. The Cowardly Lion even seemed to be channeling Billy Crystal. The Wicked Witches laugh was truly evil and Glenda was all glittered with goodness. They managed to turn some of the lines into comedy by changing the tones/timing in which they were said. The choreographed dance numbers (munchkin land, emerald city, etc.) were amazing, complex and super entertaining. The young kids (7-9yrs) in front of me seemed to be engaged the whole time. Now for the reasons why “I liked it,” but didn’t “Love it.” About three times during the show, they used a BRIGHT flash of light into the audience to transition or simulate lightning, which ended up giving me a headache. I also found the other scene transitions that were done through projector technology to be over-the-top (too Hollywood). Overall, I would recommend going to see this, especially since you can’t beat the price of admission.