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Zombie nightmare 092713
Thursday October 10, 2013 / 6:30pm
Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare
2 tickets
General Admission

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It wasn't huge, but it was bigger than I expected; the carnival walk is entertaining enough, even if the sound effects are turned up way too loud. Diehard Rob Zombie fans will enjoy seeing some of his stage props up close, but there's not much actual interaction other than posing for pictures. The mazes are all in one hall, and you go through them sequentially, with no break, so it makes for a quicker evening than you'd normally expect from a three-maze attraction. "Lords of Salem in Total Blackout" was an interesting concept, what with putting a bag over your head, but was poorly executed and consisted mostly of bumping into people and occasionally hitting shock plates on the wall. The actors seemed genuinely at a loss for what to do, and were mostly there to make sure people kept moving. The random sound-effects were just loud and didn't have the startling effect I assume they were supposed to. Would've been far creeper if it was actually as dark and quiet as I assume it was meant to seem-- but it just didn't work. "El Superbeasto in 3D" was probably a lot more fun for fans of the movie, and I have to admit nearly being clocked in the face with a demon penis is something I've never encountered before. Suffice to say, it's not for the easily offended. They've gotten substantially better with the blacklight paint and chromavision glasses to produce a 3D effect, so that part was really pretty cool. Watch out for the swinging poles, they get some real momentum going and I got my fingers crushed trying to get through. "Haunt of 1000 Corpses" is for the longtime Zombie movie fans. Not sure if it was meant to just be spectacle or if it was actually intended to be scary and failed, but people were posing for pictures with the corpses and I didn't exactly hear many screams. They'll ask if they can touch you, and if you say yes, they'll paint your forehead with "blood" -- that's about all the touching they actually do, other than the random incidental touch that occasionally happens in haunted houses. But whatever, badge of courage, I suppose? All in all, totally worth it at half price, not awesome at full price, but not bad. It's a stellar deal if you like the band that's performing on the night you attend, but the acoustics genuinely suck and the views aren't great from anywhere more than halfway back, due to the merchandise booth blocking most of the stage. If you're specifically there for the concert you'll probably want to get there early, and just stay put. The hall is fairly small for a big act like Rob Zombie, and it'll be super crowded, I'm sure.

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