Kristina’s Event Journal

Alone main 920
Sunday October 27, 2013 / 6:00pm
ALONE [an existential haunting]
2 tickets
General Admission

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Warning, I will tell you room for room what I experienced. Do not read pass the first paragraph if you do not want it to be spoiled. But do know I would tell you do not waste your money in attending this event. NOT WORTH THE MONEY, NOT EVEN AT HALF PRICE. I did not enjoy this event in the lease bit. I was only freaked out maybe once, I’ll give them once, the rest of the time was spent crawling around on a dirty floor getting groped and yelled at by angry sweat smelling guys. Oh and they put a smelly wet bed sheet on you. Bad things that happened: The second guy you come across grabbed my head from behind and yanked me back, causing me to have whiplash in my neck for the next 2 weeks. But we can’t touch them or say anything so I went with it. He then grabbed my face by the cheeks and pulled me out of a room…. And you guessed it, yep he left bruises on my face. I tried to pull his latex gloved hand off my face but he just kept yanking me. Next was this guy in an all black tight body suite with what looked like a painted face with maybe mouse years or something he kept walking around me turning on and off his flash light then he put on some face paint on me and some previously warn earphones on me…. I’m sorry guy but you smelled really bad, like stink sweat new your cab driver…. With then what happens next, a sack gets put roughly placed on my head and again my head is yanked back causing more neck pain. I get thrown in an elevator, and get fondled in the dark…. Awesome. Then I get told to get on the floor…. The dirty dirty smelly floor. Get on your knees, get on your hands, lay down face down. On the dirty dirty floor. Now crawl over here, don’t look at me…. Don’t look at me…. Now I’m going to put my face on yours and breath on you….. not really scary yet….. Now crawl thought this tunnel…. Now stay in this cage, now get in this wooden box and have a light flash slowly…. A couple of more rooms go by that arnt any more interesting. The room with the broken records… dance with this crazy in circles, then sit in this chair with this weirdo well she just stands behind you…. 5 minutes later go into the next room…. Next room has these white robed creepy things…. Now put on this white robe everyone else before you had one their heads….hopefully they washed their hair today…. Next room gets on your knees…. Me- “Ummm there’s a spider… it’s a real spider…..” Nothing? Ok I’m killing this spider….. Person in front of you just is staring at you…. great shes coming at me… terrific she places a wet mildew smelling bed sheet over your head…. That everyone else has also had on their head. After that you get put in a room to wait, at least there is a TV in there you can see the same thing that just happened to you happen to the next person…. Hope I didn’t give them my Lice. Sorry friend. I will say I was surprised by the next room when you are told to lay down. But then its ended by what else an old man crawling on top of you making you feel molested again, cause how else should they end the night? Lets just say, guys yelling at you touching you and yanking on your head not very scary, Annoying yes, but not very scary. If I wanted to be molested and fondled by a bunch of angry, dirty smelly guys I would take the Metro Bus. Do not waste your money. Oh and when you read that they will give you a flash light for your journey… that’s a lie… they give you flash lights to walk to here to there, but mostly not, and you trip over elevated door frames. I still have a bruise on my left arm from being grabbed, thanks for the souvenir.

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