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3291563 plaza suite 920
Saturday October 26, 2013 / 8:00pm
Plaza Suite
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In a review, I always find it difficult to say what I didn't like in a positive way. I know, from my own experience as an actor, that the actor can work very hard at their lines, delivery, and stage chemistry, but the crew can ruin a show. This is a show where the actors obviously worked very hard to get it right, but were let down by a bad set and noisy theatre office workers. The cast obviously worked very hard on this show and the second and third acts were amazingly funny. For the first act, I wasn't sure if they were trying too hard, or if the first act is just not funny but I didn't get the humor in the first act. If I hadn't been there to watch the whole show, I probably would have left after the first act. Now, the good parts for the acting: 1. In the third act, there was a moment where a sound effect for a phone ringing was obviously missing. The actors took it in stride and covered for the sound booth goof very well. "Any minute now that phone is going to ring" became our tag line for the people I was with the rest of the night. 2. Accents, when performed, were spot on for what they were trying to do. In the second act, the lead actor, showed off several famous impressions/accents that were very good. 3. The third act had a great chemistry between the male and female leads. I believed they were married and could imagine that if those circumstances had happened in real life, that was probably how it would have went down. 4. In the first act, the lead actor had a moment where he went to 'wash up' before leaving for the office. While you couldn't see him in the bathroom (both because there was no light in there but also because he was out of view of the audience), I could smell the mouthwash he used after he came out. It was a nice touch for a subtle action. While the show was not the worst I've ever seen, it wasn't the best. A few things bugged me about the experience. 1. The set wasn't finished. a. There was not a light for the bathroom. While the actors didn't really need to be lit, who walks into a bathroom (a room known for not having windows in a hotel) and never turns on the light? b. The bathroom wall was painted blue except for the very bottom near the floor. It looks like they had intended to put on a baseboard or something like that but either ran out of time, or forgot leaving an unpainted portion of the wall. c. The primary actress from the third act seemed to forget that there was an implied wall separating the two suite rooms and walked 'through the wall'. 2. The cast/crew/staff seemed to forget that there was a show taking place just on the other side of the staff office. Throughout the entire show, it was very easy to hear conversations from that back office area and it became very distracting. 3. The show's three acts took place over three time periods, (if I remember right) the 50's, 70's and 80's. However, the set decor didn't change except for a phone change from a black to off-white desk phone at one point. No paintings changed, beddings didn't change, furniture pieces didn't change or given accessories to show that the time period had changed. Costumes did change and seemed to match vaugely, the second act's 1970's costume for the primary actress fit the time period very well while the other two act's constuming fell short.

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