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Spirit Cruises’ Lunch Buffet Cruises

Sunday November 10, 2013 / 5:00pm (Dinner Cruise)
Spirit of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
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It was a unique experience. My boyfriend and I ended up with tickets purchased from different sites and they accommodating by seating us together. The service was very friendly although a little slow and often MIA. The atmosphere was casual to party like due to the DJ. He was good at his job which was to cater to a very diverse crowd, which included anywhere between a sweet sixteen and conservative older people. Unfortunately, it kind of caused a vibe where we felt like interlopers at a wedding party. Which, TO BE FAIR, its not their fault that we were stuck in the same are for the whole three hours. It was too cold out in November to check out the many layers of the boat/cruise ship. The food was okay. You have to remind yourself that you are enjoying a buffet on a boat. There was two salads, approx 4 side options, and approx 5 entree options, and 2 dessert options, and a bar. They ended up docking early due to a medical emergency which was a blessing in disguised. It really would have been a great experience if it weren't so cold and we were stuck there for an additional 2 hours after we finished dinner. Its really worth a try, preferably in the summer so that you can enjoy the top floor lounge. We're actually considering gifting his parents with tickets next year.
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Park at the Charter House, right next door to the ticket booth for $10. Cheapest I've seen yet, and SOOoo much closer.
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