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Tuesday December 24, 2013 / 4:30pm
Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna
5 tickets
Adult Price Level 2
1 ticket
Child (Age 2-12) Price Level 2

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If it's your first time watching a Cirque du Soleil show, you'll like it. If you've seen other shows, you might have the same experience as I did. This was my third show. My favorite Cirque du Soleil show was the one in Vegas which used Beatles music. THAT was fantastic! This third show, Amaluna, was not fantastic. It was good but nothing to fantastic. First off, they need to get rid of the clowns. They felt like fillers for the show. You know, just something to pass time. Seriously, it wasn't even funny. I found myself hoping they'd finish up their act. It was too long and boring. No laughing from our group and there were six of us. Second, some of the acts need polishing. The girls gymnastics movements were great but something was missing. I think it was all the yelling (or screaming or whatever) that was disturbing me. It was too high and not believable. They really need to cut the yelling if they're going to continue the show and also asked their male counterparts how to finesse their act. Male counterparts meaning the ones using the seesaw. Those guys rocked it btw! They were incredible and fun to watch. It wasn't just about their gymnastic moves which were fabulous but it was the way they presented themselves...smooth, fabulous, fun, no yelling disturbance.....just amazing acrobatic acts with finesse. The main leads of the show rocked it as well. The female lead was amazing. She made her body do things that were incredible! I kept saying "oh my god!" while she was moving her body in unimaginable poses. She was the one that dipped into the large glass bowl of water. The lead male, her supposed lover, also was amazing. He really know how to work the pole!...lol Seriously, he handled that pole like no other. He had this act where he slid down the pole head first, no hands, just using his body and legs and he slid so quickly you think his head would hit the floor and crack his brains open but miraculously he stopped himself before impact.....with no hands! That was incredible! Other incredible things: The woman who balanced the sticks or branches. She was refreshing. With all the loudness, she came in and rocked the house with her silent balancing act. It was beautiful and a relief from all the loudness! I really loved it! Lastly, one guy that was elegant, fabulous and smooth with his moves was the man with the tail, the one who juggled near the end of the show and threw popcorn at people in the beginning. He was EXCELLENT! Loved his style, his movements were exact, loved everything about his presence. They should make him Cirque du Soleil trainer so he can give performance training to those needing it. Another thing I should mention is the main dancer. She was good too but I'm not sure why she was there except to add movements where it was needed. I'm a dancer so it wasn't particular exciting except that it did add some color to the show. As for the musicians, they were okay, nothing fantastic, a little loud and music wasn't memorable. Let's see, my mom also liked the first act. They were good but need a little finesse with reaching out to people and making them laugh and love them. Their movements were fabulous when they were performing but they were a little stiff when they stood looking and smiling at the audience. The End. Anyway, if you have tickets, enjoy the show. You'll like, maybe even love it if it's your first time because there's nothing to compare it to. I think I got more of a kick from my mom and dad being there and liking it. Overall they were happy so that made me happy since it was their Christmas present. On my end I was okay with the show and since I'm giving the review, it receives a happy three stars. Just a couple more things to note, be prepared to pay $25 for parking. Also, the seats are small, like made for skinny people small. We are a big party, not obese, but big that I found myself being squished up next to my dad. I'm just grateful the person next to me was tiny. Also, eat beforehand unless you don't mind paying movie prices for popcorn and drinks.

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Be prepared to pay $25 for parkingl
Paid $18 for popcorn, two waters, and M&ms...it's movie prices at Cirque du Soleil