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fugitive:EROS & The Chemicals Between Us

Friday February 14, 2014 / 8:00pm
Out of Box Theatre @ Artisan Resource Center - Marietta, GA
2 ticketsGeneral Admission
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First a dirty, crowded little theater with folding chairs. Second, the actors come out (if you call it acting) with nothing compelling, almost as if this is the first time they've practiced their lines, and filling in blanks with at least 2 dozen f-bombs, or saying Jesus, or Shi#$#. Totally an insult to the acting world, and awkward to sit through this. 2 females dropping f-bombs the whole night, came across very natural. We left before the second Act came on as well as several others heading outside. Bottom line - crude, amateurish, and sleazy with nothing in acting 101 coming across.
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