Marisa Sposato’s Event Journal

Little mermaid 920 2
Sunday February 16, 2014 / 11:00am (Workshop Begins at 10:00am)
The Little Mermaid
3 tickets
Rows I-N

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Totally inappropriate for a 3 year old! First of all why is this held in the same theater that holds sex shows?????? I was grossed out to think of what may be on the seats we sat on! The play was ok until the character of the mean witch of the sea came out (which was a man in drag basically) with a huge blonde wig, dramatic makeup, bright red and black outfit and a deep voice which scared the children. I saw most of the kids hiding their faces behind their hands. The "crafts" that were apparently going to take place before the play were a joke. All it was, was going up on the filthy stage (which was too small for all the kids and the parents) and being handed a fish cutout to decorate. By the time we waited for a spot on the filthy floor to decorate out fish we had all of about 3 minutes to decorate it. The dancers and costumes they wore seemed fit for an adult audience not 3 and 4 year olds. It made me wonder if the cast of the Little Mermaid was the same cast of the sex shows they do there at night! Very Disgusted and Disappointed!!!! I wish someone would check out the venue next time before selling these tickets to families. My child left there crying and overwhelmed. Please don't take your child here unless you want to see them cry.