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Let me start by saying that we have attended an event by Yadi in the past and could not have been more pleased. Yes the chaotic nature of a smaller production team putting on an event at a new location can be difficult and was apparent, but she pulled it off well … that time. I cannot contain my disappointment about Reservoir Burlesque at the Yost Theater on 3/22/14 and am sharing this information hoping that both the venue and producers take at least some of the comments into constructive criticism and improve future shows; though I’m unlikely to risk another evening out at the Yost for anything similar without some reassurance of change. Foremost, as Red Velvet members on Goldstar, we usually receive very good seats to the events we attend. Our seats (i.e. a bench) was too small to accommodate 4 adults. We were 4 below average width rears and even pressed hip to hip with several arms over shoulders to scooch closer could not help but impinge on one side to a bench that fortunately had only 2 people, but who were losing at least 1/3 of their bench already from the other side where four large men were also assigned a single bench. Our bench was only slightly angled from looking at the direct center of the room … given we were so tightly packed, had to twist our backs and necks another 60 some odd degrees to see the stage for two hours. It was a very uncomfortable situation and 2 of our party gave up and went to stand in the pit which was only 1/3 as far from the stage as the seats and provided a better show experience for those comfortable standing. Why did we pay for seats? It was no surprise to see seats and benches around us start to empty after intermission. I would estimate a good 1/3 had left well before the show was 2/3 over. Staying with the seats … instead of the built-in aisle way, below the view point of the benches and chairs of the seated side “wedges”, all traffic was directed down a narrow gap between the benches and seats … and all throughout the show, a nearly constant parade of patrons and staff meant anyone sitting on a bench spent more time looking at people than being able to see the stage. This was a constant gripe from those in my party and audible from all those seated on the benches on either side. Failing the common sense to wait until in between sets (the average person is so self-centered) the staff present should have held people from entering the aisle and asked them to refrain from walking it until between sets … the average song is 2-3 minutes. Notwithstanding the inconsiderate other patrons, the staff themselves made no attempt to curtail walking down the direct line of sight during the girl’s performances. At the very least, the single serving staff for our area attempted to stay low and crouch during order taking, but the other staff constantly patrolling for empty cups and serving the people in the front area were a constant obstruction that made watching the show impossible. The problem was primarily experienced by those on the benches, which are on the outside of the aisle that was established. Compounding the matter of viewing the stage were two sets of lights that for the first 2/3 of the show constantly shined into anyone’s eyes looking across the audience to the stage every few seconds. Perhaps those in the middle of the theater were not so bothered, but everyone around me eventually commented that the lights made it hard to see. The effect/mood lights were located in the top right and left corner of the stage and looking towards the stage became something we only wanted to do while the performances of the girls was ongoing. At some point late in the show they were mercifully turned off … the lighting gal must have finally received or understood the complaints. The sound system was set poorly and made it difficult to understand the MC … the obscuring curtains of the technical staff were left open and their actions, unrelated to the show, were a significant distraction. The entry cue was poorly managed (slow beyond belief), staff unhelpful other than letting in their friends ahead of the others, signs confusing, and things could have been run much better. Honestly we left with great disappointment and will not attend another of these events at this venue. I would be willing to give the producer another shot at a small and more manageable location. [UPDATE] Pleased to be contacted by GoldStar on behalf of show producer who we were told appreciated the comments above. Will attend next show in April and look forward to enjoying the hard and talented work of the performers. We appreciate the comments were taken in the spirit intended (to provide feedback for improvement).