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Saturday March 1, 2014 / 8:00pm
Boeing Boeing
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Boeing Boeing is a show I have seen twice now and this one was better than the first one that I saw. My expectations were absolutely blown out of the park. They are gone. There were many raisins why…here are some. When I saw this, the set was a lot better than the other was because the first show was done at a high school on an Obamacare budget. This set was was pretty swell. The doors opened and then they shut, no loud bangs and none of them fell off the hinges, even when actors were literally flung at them like a bloodthirsty spear hurled by one of the 300 Spartans. This is a show in which the doors are arguably the main prop and they were designed and used accordingly. The performances were generally good. The stewardesses -er- flight attendants stole the show for me and my comrade. Each of them exhibited an incendiary energy out there and their timing was perfect. The physical comedy was well directed on each of their counts. What really impressed me was that they each made their respective character their own with plenty of contrast between one another. The Italian and the German had our stomachs hurting from laughing so much. The German was especially wonderful compared to the one from the first production of the show that I saw, and that's not just because the actress whom I was dating at the time was secretly two-timing me with my brother. That's not to say that the American stewardess was any less stand-out. Actually, her character really reminded me of this girl I used to room with in college which made a lot of her scenes all the funnier. Let's talk about the men for a second, now. They made my buddy and I chuckle here and there although incidentally, their best scenes were those spent in interaction with their female costars. Even still, they both brought their fair share of energy to the show and held their own, just more so in the company of the ladies. This brings to mind a scene in which Bobby had to meander around the set in silence for a bit relying on nothing but his movements to bring the laughs. I didn't care for this part, and I'm not sure if that's to do with the actor or the direction but it just didn't work for me. That small bit aside, I give the performances a 9/10. Also, the curtain call in which the actors fall into a trance-like 60's dance was just delicious. Actually, I lied. There was a part in which a globe got tossed from one actor to another and the globe broke seemingly on accident and the actors played it off brilliantly. I'm going to give the performances a 10/10! I'm really angry with myself for posting this after the show's close as I really want to encourage any and all to see this great farce while they can, but like all good things in life, this gem of Atlanta has vanished. Thanks to all who were a part of this production, I'll be returning to see more OSA shows to come.