Eva Rosenberg’s Event Journal

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Sunday March 30, 2014 / 6:30pm
The Book of Mormon
4 tickets
Price Level 4 (Rear Mezzanine)

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Skip this show - wait until it comes out on PBS or on Netflix or Amazon Prime as a film. The reviews I've read in the past talk about this show as being funny and irreverent. Well...although there were a couple of laughs, it wasn't really funny. In fact, it tried too hard to create laughs that just weren't there. Irreverent? Sniff...if their idea of using the F word 2 dozen times in each scene is irreverent - they're way off base. This really was childish. There is one scene when the local characters put on a play within a play. That was totally ripped from the King and I (where the children put on a play for Anna) - even the music was similar. As far as mocking the Book of Mormon or the Church of Latter Day Saints? Not so much, really. In fact, in many ways, this really was more like a recruiting film - with a touch of realism about the problems these young children face (going to Uganda, where the locals are viciously terrorized by tribal chiefs, widespread AIDS and other serious issues). Getting dropped into something like that, those kids can face serious culture shock. I thought they could have done a better job of bringing some of those issues to the fore (and somehow still bringing humor to the story?). I don't know - but whatever they did, the writers basically brushed aside the serious issues - by using the F word a lot. (If they were getting paid by the word, I could see adding that word frequently, it would triple their pay rate.) Oh yes, it was a musical. With good musicals, you walk out humming the music. None of this music was memorable. BUT the woman playing the African star, Denee Benton - her voice was amazing. That woman is going places! Overall, if I had dug out the script first, I would not have wasted my time or money for 4 tickets. Skip this show - wait until it comes out on PBS or on Netflix or Amazon Prime as a film.

Help others enjoy a great night out

Parking in the area is much easier if you pre-reserve/pre-pay. And it ends up being cheaper that way. The Sunshine Parking lot folks offer prepaid reservations. The lot is directly cater-corner from the Pantages Theater. When we arrived, the lot was sold out except for reservations - which we had. So that made life easy.
Folks with disabilities - this theater has no elevators. So don't get seats above the first floor. Also, the only bathrooms are on the first floor - with no disabled stalls at all. (Unless they have a separate bathroom for those with wheelchairs.)