Anabel Attended

The Ice House Comedy Club

Saturday March 29, 2014 / 10:00pm (Heath Hyche)
The Ice House Main Room - Pasadena, CA
2 ticketsGeneral Admission
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The moment you get there and get your tickets, you are branded as a discount ticket holder and asked to wait in the bar area for the "non vips" ... herd you in like cattle and assign you seats in the order they want so being early did not really help. The comedians were not funny and the place small and old. You have to pre-order your minimum two drinks before the show even starts and still took forever to get the first drink. There was a nice magician who practiced a few tricks for those waiting at the beginning, he was literally the best part of the night.
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If you buy a drink at the bar before the show ... it doesn't count as part of your two drink minimum.