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“Splashtacular” Sunset Duck Tour

Sunday June 15, 2014 / 7:30pm
The San Francisco Ducks - San Francisco, CA
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Being Bay Area natives, we were at first put-off by the overly touristy vibe of this tour. Blowing duck whistles and waving tiki cut-outs wasn't what we were looking for as we took our elderly father out for a WWII memory ride in the amphibious DUCK. However, the guide "Captain Mike" turned out to be fabulous, winning us over with his tremendous knowledge, wry wit, and true devotion to his art! I have seen many a comedian run-out of decent material within 15 minutes, but Mike went on for 90 and only seemed to get better as he went?! He did a great job of appealing to both the young kids and the college-educated and by the end of the tour we too were very happy to make fun of all of ticky-tacky Starbucks that SF has regrettably let spawn in the City!? His joke about a third one opening inside the second one at the corner where there's already two was sadly piercingly funny. Once we hit the water, everyone including Dad was having a blast! (Too bad they don't sell drinks - I recommend sneaking in a little if necessary - it gets cold at night!)
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