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the location for the departure of this ship is a lovely location, I recommend getting there a little early to enjoy the ambience at Battery park ....also 2 find the little walkway from State Street Leave a few extra minutes because I was having trouble finding it and I probably I should have asked a tourist to help me! the ship itself is large but not too large, I think it holds about 140 people, and ... about 98 when we were there Sunday July 6th at 7 p.m. Sailing. our weather was perfect. The sails apparently always go up, it was a windy night, but if anybody has a concern about the boat being steady, I almost didn't feel any rocking, any rolling. The boat was very stable. Too stable for people who really enjoy the sailboats so although I did love this (....last time )& next time I'm going to go on their smaller vessel.the two hours seem to go by pleasantly, it wasn't the kind of experience where OMG what? It's over!? the last 20 minutes, the captain I was going so slow it was hard to even notice the boat was moving because he didn't want to get back to the dock early. The staff was nice,Everyone seemed to be enjoying himself, very nice vibration on the boat, I didn't see anyone in the bad mood! the drinks were pricey I think they were between 9 and 11 although I didn't check the wine or beer we enjoyed socializing with tourist... And they enjoy socializing with New Yorkers...I'd say this is a good value considering the views from this boat are just legendary, & I travel a lot. here's a tip for parking. We came early enough to accomplish this. Icon parking has 2 close by locations, one. easy to find spot all day sunday price of 16.00.!!!! Enter at 39 Exchange Place. I drove around in circle after circle after circle as my GPS lost signal, and I kept finding exchange place to be one way going the wrong direction! Finally I called them on the phone and they told me to turn left. into the one-way street! Yes you read that right. Their entrance was right there. Unbelievable I think this turn was from william or so william. what a great find, I will use this over and over again. Two blocks away the parking was $45 it took me 6 minutes to walk to State Street. Where Battery Park begins. of course as I was walking I found a parking spot right in the street which I hadn't seen driving in circles! Isn't that always the way

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