Lyssa Uchida Attended

Avenue Q

Friday March 20, 2015 / 7:00pm
Cupcake Theater - North Hollywood, CA
2 ticketsEarlyBird (Early Admission)
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Lyssa Uchida’s review

The theater was too small for a production of Avenue q. There was no stage design so actors that were suppose to be puppeteers were entirely visible, even their faces. You weren't watching the puppets at all as the actors over powered in motion and expression over the puppet characters they were playing. The band had to share the stage with the actors so space seemed cramped. Seats were very uncomfortable as an audience member as well. Those were the bad points. The good is that the sing and acting was top notch. But if your going to do a play that is almost entirely based with puppets, you need a proper set design to hid the actors playing them. It just didn't work.