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Freestyle Festival

Sunday April 26, 2015 / 3:00pm-9:00pm
Queen Mary Events Park - Long Beach, CA
2 ticketsGeneral Admission (Standing Room Only)
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The event was kind of u-norganized. I searched the website and called the contact number and could not find any information on what you can or cannot bring into the venue. The help staff on hand knew very little and had a "not my job attitude". I had to wald form my car to the entrance to find out I couldn't bring in my food & soda. After walking all the way back to my car and back I was told I couldn't bring my energy bars in after just being told I could. second trip to the car! Then I was told I could not bring in my camera only to get in and seeing hundreds of cameras and Cell phone cameras. I have lung cancer and this was very difficult. If all this was in writting somewhere it would have saved me and many other people a lot of grief and in my case exhaustion. The acts were so so and the energy was low. I will not attend this event again.