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Blue Man Group New York

Saturday October 10, 2015 / 2:00pm
Astor Place Theatre (New York City, NY)
2 ticketsComplimentary Orchestra/Mezzanine
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I really want to give this a 4 as I love Goldstar for it's great prices, purchase opportunities and ease of use. Everything with this transaction as always occurred very smoothly. However, there are too many cons for the pros with this show. Let me note that I've gone to between 40 and 50 shows in my lifetime and I don't have a preferred theme so my experiences have been quite diverse. Thus, I have a lot of things to compare this to and as such am likely to discriminate. I'll start with the Pro's: It's family orientated, the rock band (instrumentation) is awesome (and I emphasize this,) the Blue Man are good drummers, it's interactive, has some novelty and it uses technology. Now the Con's: there is a lot of time filling acts where nonsense is going on for prolonged periods and my time is precious. The seats are killer, I am not overweight nor tall and would have not been able to enjoy this show had I not had an empty seat next to me. I have by far never seen such crunched spaces in a venue before. This would make me not want to go on it's own or I would rather standing room. Although, I didn't pay anywhere near full price this is almost disrespectful for guests especially those who pay full price. Towards the end of the show, it turns into a spectacular for less than ten minutes. I was enjoying this very much until I noticed that my jacket was missing and in the search for my jacket in the rows around me, I found someone's wristlet. I was able to return the wristlet and got my jacket back after the show but hello, if you are going to make such a commotion before you start you should warn people to hold on to their belongings. Also, I am surprised that there isn't a warning about this spectacular as it's really a lot of sensory input and this might cause certain segments an adverse reaction. All in all, I would pass on it unless a combination of the pros listed makes it the only fitting option.