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Sunday September 11, 2016 / 3:30pm
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum - Topanga, CA
3 ticketsLower Tier
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I was unprepared. 'Tom' is an all-around STELLAR production! I sat mesmerized the entire time! Heart-wrenching, tears flowing...with a nice balance of a little comic relief sprinkled throughout. WOW! Even my husband, who was a little reluctant to attend simply because it was an outdoor venue, was impressed (and a bit emotional too); not only with the cast/production - but with this STUNNING VENUE! OMG! He was moved to personally thank a few of the actors afterward. They were all happy and eager to mingle with the audience, and they were all so noble and gracious! We plan to attend again and to bring a few friends along with us next time. OUTSTANDING!!! BRAVO!!!
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Plan to be here for about 3 hours for the play and intermission. Bring a seat/back cushion; or the theater offers them for $1. The restroom facilities are nice & clean! This place is very well maintained! Consider leaving a donation for the unpaid actors and/or the venue. Optional, of course; but I was certainly moved to! I purchased three tickets but used only two. I was prepared to take the cost of the third ticket as a loss (not a tremendous loss, but a loss nonetheless). However, Evan graciously offered to keep a credit on the books for me for my next visit (any production). What a sweetheart!