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Friday August 15, 2008 / 6:30pm
Beach Blanket Babylon
3 tickets
Rear Cabaret

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The performers are as always very good. They do however treat Goldstar Members like second class citizens. Seats way back on the bottom floor, now I am tall so I could have seen most of the show if I had not had a problem with the management. I sat in the seat they told us to. 15 minutes later someone is telling me I can not sit where I am because it blocks the isle. Well hey, they put the chair there. I move my chair over to another area. 10 minutes later they tell me I can not sit there, fire dept says so, so I move back to where they put me in the first place. Asst Manager comes out, is very rude and asks why am I causing trouble? I explain I am not causing trouble, I am simply sitting where my chair was when we [there was 3 of us] were told to sit. This is not acceptable I am told. I take the asst to the lobby and tell him to get the manager. I am told he can not be bothered. I tell him I am waiting right here until I see him and sit on a chair. Manager was at liest polite when he came out. Asst manager tells me there are no other seats available for the "price I paid", I explain I am sitting where they told me to and could barely see the performance. Manager said "let me see if there are any other seats available for party of 3." They move another party of 2 to the upstairs [much better seats] removes their chairs, moves ours down 2 spaces, and then tells me there are no other seats anywhere. I guess the 2 people they moved disappeared or left the building in the middle of the show. Of course my seat is directly behind a support beam for the show and now I can not see at all. I ask why was my seat placed where it was if no one can sit in it. Manager says I will buy you a round of drinks, please just sit here. The drinks never showed up. Well after having been there a few times, the performances are good usually if you can see them. Goldstar Members are treated terribly, no cocktail service in our area at all, management is disorganized and can barely handle the crowd. The floor manager must be blind, there were 20 people placed in the fire traffic lane like I was, I was the only one they asked to move. I will probably never go again. If you go see the show, pay the normal $50.00 per ticket or expect to be somewhat disappointed.