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Taj Express: The Bollywood Musical Revue at VPAC

Wednesday April 19, 2017 / 8:00pm
The Soroya - Great Hall (Northridge, CA)
2 ticketsRear Parterre/Front Loge
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When the descriptionsaid Indian Review it meant it. It was like every kind of Indian music, costume, and dance that could be shown off in a show and if you like that you'll enjoy this. I know I did, and my boyfriend who was wary of coming enjoyed himself too. The live band was the best part and they knew to highlight it. What sucked about this show was the venue. I've seen three productions here now and the policy on alllowing people to arrive late - and I mean LATE as in 60min into the show so it's super disruptive as the late comers get to their seat then have a full conversation about where they are sitting and get out food kind of late - as well as the theater lets people be on their phones, take photos with flash, video with their screen brightness all the way up and NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM. This leaves me avoiding this venue in the future. The people who attend the shows here are rude and it seems that since this is a college theater, regardless of how big and beautiful, or how talented the performers, the theater acts unprofessionally. It's a real shame.