Dan Potter Attended

Precipice Improv Theater

Saturday January 7, 2017 / 8:00pm (Doors Open at 7:30pm)
Writer's Center (Bethesda, MD)
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Dan Potter’s review

Improv is not easy to do, especially when poor audience suggestions are given. This group appears to be relatively talented, but would likely be better served by seeking one or two prompts from the audience instead of six. Additionally, with long-form improv, there are going to be actors that end up with minor roles on any given night. The key is about structure and deciding "Ok, tonight you two are the main, you two are secondary, and you two are bit actors". Trying to have everyone come in and be a "main" character in their own little way utterly kills the arc of a story. And that's the final note, define the story and stick with it. Create a plot to hook people in the first few minutes, and then let that plot run the rest of the show. Most long-form is only about 45 minutes to 1 hour, so shorter and tighter would improve dramatically.