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Selling Seattle Tickets

Selling Seattle Tickets
Selling Seattle: What to expect - 1
Selling Seattle Tickets

About Selling Seattle

Dive into the riveting universe of high-stakes real estate with "Selling Seattle." This brand new improv show skillfully fuses a Puget Sound backdrop with comedic brilliance, drawing its inspiration from a familiar reality TV favorite that mirrors the glitz and drama of high-end property dealings.

The "Selling Seattle" crew will have you in stitches as they navigate the ups and downs of the housing market. Friendships will be tested, betrayals will unfold, and fierce competition will add a big-risk, high-reward energy to every scene. From quirky clients to unexpected plot twists, every moment is a spontaneous comedy masterpiece. Expect larger-than-life characters, unique properties, outrageous buyer/seller demands, and hilarious encounters—all influenced by audience suggestions.

"Selling Seattle" is your ticket to dive into the humor and drama of the real estate world.

Run time

2h (incl. 10m intermission)

Start date

February 8th, 2024

End date

February 24th, 2024


Comedy Shows, Comedy


West of Lenin

203 North 36th St., Seattle, WA, United States, 98103

Show schedule

Sorry, no performance schedule available.

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of Selling Seattle?

Selling Seattle is 2h (incl. 10m intermission).

Where is Selling Seattle?

West of Lenin.

How do you buy tickets for Selling Seattle?

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Tickets for this event are currently not available. Check back soon.