Ganja Garden Tickets
Seattle, WA

Ganja Garden Tickets

Ganja Garden: What to expect - 1
Ganja Garden Tickets

About Ganja Garden

"GANJA GARDEN" is a vibrant, interactive improv comedy show where skilled comedians explore the playful and surreal aspects of altered states of mind. Set in a lively atmosphere, the unscripted scenes, inspired by audience suggestions, weave witty banter and physical comedy into uproarious sketches. Celebrating the boundless nature of the human mind within the playful world of being "high," it's an immersive experience that guarantees laughter and spontaneity.

Run time

1h 30m (incl. a 10 minute intermission)

Start date

January 20th, 2024

End date

May 15th, 2024


Comedy Shows


Jet City Improv

5031 University Way NE, Seattle, WA, United States, 98105

Show schedule

Day of weekEvening
Saturday9:30 PM

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of Ganja Garden?

Ganja Garden is 1h 30m (incl. a 10 minute intermission).

Where is Ganja Garden?

Jet City Improv.

What's the price for Ganja Garden tickets?

The price for tickets to Ganja Garden starts at $8.

How do you buy tickets for Ganja Garden?

Buy tickets today on Goldstar. Check availability, pricing and more.