Comedian Dauood Naimyar Tickets

Comedian Dauood Naimyar Tickets

Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club, Sunnyvale
Sep 10, 2023 - Sep 10, 2023

About Comedian Dauood Naimyar

Born with a foreign name in an American country (America), Dauood Muhammad Naimyar learned the value of assimilating at a very young age. Because of this, he tried his best to not be different but failed at every encounter. Once he embraced his eccentric point of view, he saw the humor all around him. Dauood’s comedic perspective is shaped by the duality of his constant need to fit in, and his relentless desire to be different. His search for being relatable yet controversial has brought audiences joy for nine years--and will probably continue until he finally figures out who he is. We hope he doesn’t, 'cause bills need to be paid.



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