Degenerate Art Ensemble: Skeleton Flower Tickets

Degenerate Art Ensemble: Skeleton Flower Tickets

ODC Theater, San Francisco
Mar 15, 2024 - Mar 17, 2024
1 hour 19 minutes

About Degenerate Art Ensemble: Skeleton Flower

Skeleton Flower is a semi-autobiographical exploration of complex struggles with identity, depression, childhood trauma, and the awakening of personal power. Degenerate Art Ensemble confronts these issues with humor and imagination—casting family as monsters from a Godzilla movie—and traces personal struggle through three fairy tales. Existing at the intersection of live music, visceral movement theater, dance, projected cinematic imagery, storytelling, and ritual, Skeleton Flower is a multi-dimensional patchwork quilt that conjures and consoles female ancestors through hand felted wools, ten thousand hand painted silk flowers, and knitted sweaters which fill fantastic worlds in the work’s cinematic imagery.