Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime Tour
Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime Tour Tickets

Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime Tour Tickets

San Francisco, CA
Sep 16, 2023 - Dec 30, 2023

About Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime Tour

On our Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime tour we visit the sites of old Hollywood scandals, red light districts, opium dens, gang violence, Gold Rush era lynchings and kidnappings – and enjoy cocktails in one or two historic bars.

We start with the Fatty Arbuckle affair at the St Francis, the original sex scandal that changed the public's perception of celebrity forever (and lead to the 'morality clause' in contracts). Then we stroll down Maiden Lane, which is lined with designer boutiques now, but a hundred years ago was the city's main red light district. After that we visit Chinatown, which was the site of opium dens and gambling hellholes in days gone by. Next you'll learn about Gold Rush era SF, as things got so out of hand that public lynchings were held on Portsmouth Square. Then we dive down to Barbary Coast San Francisco, with its brothels and dance halls, often used to Shanghai unwary sailors (which is where the term originated). We end the tour at the oldest continuously operating bar in San Francisco, the Old Ship Saloon, which dates all the way back to the 1850's. Join our Notorious SF: Scandal & Crime tour and be haunted by these ghastly ghosts from San Francisco's past for weeks!

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• Walking Distance: 2 miles.
• Tour starts at 6 pm, every Saturday, at the corner of Post and Powell Streets, Union Square.
• Tour finishes at 9 pm, Jackson Square.
• Real San Francisco Tours donates $1 for every guest to Climate Cents, a climate change organization.
• We can go into 1-2 different bars for cocktails on this tour, each for about 15 minutes. You do have to be over 21 y.o. to order an alcoholic drink – but you don’t have to be over 21 y.o. to do this tour.

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