Pop Up Comedy
Pop Up Comedy Tickets

Pop Up Comedy Tickets

18Seventy Brewing Co., Modesto
Oct 26, 2023 - Oct 26, 2023

About Pop Up Comedy

Get ready for a night of belly-aching laughter at 18Seventy Brewing Co. in Modesto, CA, USA! Join us for an unforgettable in-person comedy event that will leave you in stitches. Our talented comedians will tickle your funny bone with their hilarious jokes and witty banter. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to unwind, relax, and have a great time with friends and fellow comedy lovers. Get ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt! Headliner D ANNY VEGA is a 10 year comedy vet and host of the popular podcast "Am I The A**hole" (150k downloads a month and 17k subscribers). He is the star of the viral internet video "I'm Walking Here: Casa Grande" which was seen by over 877k people on YouTube. Danny's acerbic wit and sharp tongue masks a much sadder inner world which is a thing his therapist/friends/family keep telling him but he doesn't think is true. You decide!