Forbidden Secret Parlor: A Haunting Magic Experience
Forbidden Secret Parlor: A Haunting Magic Experience Tickets

Forbidden Secret Parlor: A Haunting Magic Experience Tickets

The Gregangelo Museum, San Francisco
Oct 26, 2023 - Oct 26, 2023
1 hour

About Forbidden Secret Parlor: A Haunting Magic Experience

Step into the Forbidden Secret Parlor within the Gregangelo Museum where shadows hold secrets and magic pulses in the air. Jade, a groundbreaking magician, guides you through a realm of paranormal wonders, leaving you spellbound and forever changed! Prepare to be captivated within an immersive experience that delves into the depths of the supernatural. In this genuinely haunted space, secrets whisper in the dark and the air crackles with an otherworldly energy.

Dress to Mystify
Jade, the first woman to claim the international gold medal of magic, brings a touch of genuine mystique to her performances. Having graced the stages for the Royal family of Monaco and wowed audiences on shows like the late late show and Penn and Teller Fool Us, Jade's repertoire goes beyond mere tricks. Her intimate storytelling and adventurous spirit make for an unforgettable encounter. Exclusively at our immersive art space in our entertaining Salon series at the Gregangelo Museum.

Things to know before your visit:

  • Don’t be late for your very important date! This show begins once all guests are present.
  • Parking is available. The museum is located on a residential street, so please be respectful of our neighbors.
  • Upon arrival, please meet at the sidewalk portal. A guide will meet you there.
  • Photos permitted in specified areas. However, we recommend devices off for a more in the moment experience.
  • This event has a no refund policy once tickets are purchased.
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