David Rodwin: Miami Madness
David Rodwin: Miami Madness Tickets

David Rodwin: Miami Madness Tickets

The Secret Theatre @The Hobart, San Francisco
Nov 10, 2023 - Nov 11, 2023

About David Rodwin: Miami Madness

The Moth champion, David Rodwin (who brought you "F-Tinder: a love story") shares another hysterical evening - the madcap making of a maritime musical masterpiece. It's a story so insane it has to be real. At the end of the pandemic, a serious, but under-employed writer (David) is hired to make a musical about the history of Miami. To be staged on a boat. Owned by a Russian oligarch. The producer asks for more and more schlocky and shocking bits, from a dance number with “Indians" to nearly-nude actors simulating interspecies sex (that'd be a black panther getting it on with a 'sexy' manatee). As the show reaches a climax even Max Bialystock would be embarrassed by, the production unravels in spectacular fashion – like every authentic Miami story.