Devo - Celebrating 50 Years Tickets

Devo - Celebrating 50 Years Tickets

Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco
Nov 5, 2023 - Nov 14, 2023

About Devo - Celebrating 50 Years

(((folkYEAH!))) & Ambassador Theatre Group Present

DEVO Celebrating 50 Years

Devo's music and visual presentation (including stage shows and costumes) mingle kitsch science fiction themes, surrealist humor and mordantly satirical social commentary. The band's namesake, the tongue in cheek social theory of "de-evolution", was an integral concept in their early work, which was marked by experimental and dissonant art punk that merged rock music with electronics. Their output in the 1980s embraced synth-pop and a more mainstream, less conceptual style, though the band's satirical and quirky humor remained intact. Their music has proven influential on subsequent movements, particularly on new wave, industrial and alternative artists. Devo was also a pioneer of the music video format.


No children under 5 allowed.